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Laser Safety Certificate - Webinar

Date: Tuesday 21st September 2021
Time: 10am to 2pm

CPD: 8 hours in total. Online: 4 hours, Webinar: 4 hours
Location: Webinar + Online Course
Certificate: Certificate of Completion
Prerequisite: None
Suitable For: All Professions
Price: Introductory Offer: $400

Our Laser Safety Certificate - Webinar consists of an online course along with your half day theory webinar. This course will cover an introduction to medical lasers and IPL machines and their associated treatment use. At the end of the course you will be equipped with the knowledge to safeguard yourself and your patients when it comes to handling IPL/medical lasers in your practice. Your online course must be completed prior to attending your webinar.

We do recommend that you complete the courses in the Skin Foundations Online Program before embarking on this module in order to maximise your learning. It is also important to familiarise yourself with the content of this course first prior to moving on to other laser and IPL modules.

If you are a practitioner in QLD or WA in Australia, our Laser Safety Certificate - Webinar, is part of our government accredited laser safety program, to be done in conjunction with our in-person Laser Safety training. Find out when our next Laser Safety hands-on training is here

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this module, you should be able to:

  • Understand laser regulations and basic principles of lasers and its interaction with biological matter
  • Basic science of laser
  • Be familiar with the general medical physics and operation of medical lasers
  • The differences between laser and IPL
  • Different types of lasers available
  • Laser safety and parameters
  • How lasers work
  • The importance of identifying skin types in laser safety
  • Optimising laser safety
  • Common complications in laser treatments
  • The rules in laser safety
  • How to clean and disinfect laser and equipment


The Aesthetics and Skin Institute (ASI) is a global training organisation based in Australia. Our mission is to empower your success in aesthetics, whether you are a doctor, dentist, nurse or skin therapist. We offer both online courses, hands-on training and certificate programs to help you become a confident practitioner in cosmetic injectables, threads, lasers, skin therapy and much more.

Led by Dr Ben Chan, our team of educators are successful industry leaders who are passionate about teaching and pushing the boundaries of aesthetics medicine.


Course Content

Chapter 1 :   Pre Course Knowledge Evaluation

Chapter 2 :   Course Objectives

Chapter 3 :   Laser Physics

Chapter 4 :   Characteristics of Laser

Chapter 5 :   Basic Skin Anatomy

Chapter 6 :   Melanin And Our Natural Photoprotective System

Chapter 7 :   Medical Lasers Explained

Chapter 8 :   Medical Applications Of Lasers & LED

Chapter 9 :   How Laser Interacts With Tissue

Chapter 10 :   Medical Applications Of IPL

Chapter 11 :   Laser Safety Matters

Chapter 12 :   Final Online Assessment

Chapter 13 :   Participant Feedback Form

About Instructor

Dr Cathy Biyun Zhai

Dr Cathy graduated from the University of Melbourne with MD(medical doctor) degree. Prior to that she completed undergraduate study in Bachelor of Biomedicine with major in anatomy. She is a cosmetic physician in Skintech Medical Clinic, offering different aspects of cosmetic treatments including injectables, threads, facial rejuvenation, and energy based devices.


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