Applications of Radiowave Surgery in Cosmetic Dermatology






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Course Details

CPD: 2 Hours
Location: Online Only
Certificate: Certificate of Completion
Prerequisite: Healthcare Professional
Suitable For: Doctors
Price: $400 Lifetime Access

Ellman Surgitron is a unique radiowave surgery device. It should be used for all skin excisions because of its precision and ability to coagulate simultaneously, which makes it an invaluable tool for scalp excisions where the skin is highly vascular. It is currently the only device available for cosmetic mole removal with minimal or no scarring. It is also the treatment of choice for xanthelasma and syringomas. Other applications include cautery of nasal veins.Unlike cautery devices, correct use for removal of benign skin lesions will result in scarless lesion removal. This course is supplemented with educational and procedural videos, including consent and after care on different procedures as mentioned.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this module, you should be able to:

      • Understand what is radiowave surgery
      • Understand how is Ellman Surgitron different from cautery
      • Be familiar with excisions of skin cancer
      • Be familiar with the removal of benign skin lesions, cosmetic mole removal, xanthelasmas, syringomas


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Course Content

Chapter 1 :   Introduction to Radiosurgery

Chapter 2 :   How does Radiosurgery work?

Chapter 3 :   Ellman Surgitron

Chapter 4 :   Surgitron Comparison with Laser and Electrocautery

Chapter 5 :   Surgitron for Benign Skin Lesions and Scars Videos

Chapter 6 :   Surgitron for Skin Cancer Excision Videos

Chapter 7 :   Patient Consultation

Chapter 8 :   Post Procedure

Chapter 9 :   Before & After

Chapter 10 :   Final Assessment

Chapter 11 :   Participants Feedback Form


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