Hair Regrowth

Hair Regrowth






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Course Details

3 Hours
Location: Online Only
Certificate: Certificate of Completion
Prerequisite: Healthcare Professional
Suitable For: Doctors and Nurse
Price: $600 Lifetime Access

Hair loss is an extremely common condition, affecting approximately 50% of individuals by the age of fifty. Androgenic alopecia is the main target of hair regrowth treatments, with the best chances at hair restoration occurring the sooner treatments are commenced. Given the progressive nature of hair loss, a hair regrowth program is for life. It is thus important for practitioners to understand how hair restoration treatments work, and devise an effective management program for their patients that will produce optimal results and ensure on-going compliance.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this module, you should be able to:

      • Understand the most common causes of hair loss
      • Perform a hair loss assessment and hair regrowth consultation
      • Be familiar with the various treatments available today for hair loss
      • Appreciate the use of mesotherapy for hair regrowth
      • Understand how Platelet-Rich-Plasma works for hair regrowth
      • Develop an efficient hair regrowth program, including in-house and home-based treatment regimes for management of hair loss


The Aesthetics and Skin Institute (ASI) is a global training organisation based in Australia. Our mission is to empower your success in aesthetics, whether you are a doctor, dentist, nurse or skin therapist. We offer both online courses, hands-on training and certificate programs to help you become a confident practitioner in cosmetic injectables, threads, lasers, skin therapy and much more.

Led by Dr Ben Chan, our team of educators are successful industry leaders who are passionate about teaching and pushing the boundaries of aesthetics medicine.


Course Content

Chapter 1 :   Who will benefit from hair regrowth treatments?

Chapter 2 :   Male and Female Pattern hair loss

Chapter 3 :   The Hair Growth Cycle

Chapter 4 :   Medical Assessment

Chapter 5 :   Hair Regrowth Treatment Options: Topical Minoxidil

Chapter 6 :   Hair Regrowth Treatment Options: Mesotherapy

Chapter 7 :   Hair Regrowth Treatment Options: Finasteride and Dutasteride

Chapter 8 :   Hair Regrowth Treatment Options: Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Chapter 9 :   LED Therapy

Chapter 10 :   Hair Regrowth Information for the practitioner and clients

Chapter 11 :   Final Assessment Quiz

Chapter 12 :   Participants Feedback Form


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